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This program's cycles come in 4 weeks blocks and the paypal subscription will automatically withdraw every 4 weeks. You can cancel your subscription anytime through paypal. *
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How many full range of motion (with strict form) pullups can you do? Do not inflate this number, it is imperative that it is accurate for the progression to work - do a test if you do not know the number. *
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Based on the maxes given and this chart ( what classification are you?
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All custom programs are for the use of the customers of SSPT and are not to be resold on the internet or used to coach other individuals. The programs are not to be posted online and are the intellectual property of the owner of SSPT. *
If no is chosen then services will not be rendered.
Assumption of Risk, Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnification: 1. Purpose and Effect: The purpose of this release is that Client and related persons, as defined below, waive any claims against BLEST and its employees, independent contractors, or agents arising from the use of any of BLEST's services whatsoever or from mere use of BLEST's training services. The effect of this release is that Client gives up the entire right to claim that someone other than Client may be held responsible for any injury which Client incurs as the result of BLEST's training services. 2. Assumption of Risk & Release: Use of BLEST's training services naturally involves the risk of harm to Client from any potential cause due to the nature of strength and resistance training; even when the lifts are performed with good form injury is always a possibility. Because of the nature of strength training the Client voluntarily accepts this entire risk. Client agrees that BLEST will not be liable for any injury, including, without limit, personal, bodily or mental injury, any economic loss or any damage to Client resulting from the negligence of BLEST, its employees, independent contractors or agents. 3. Defense and Indemnification: If there is any claim by anyone arising from any injury, loss, or damage described above which involves Client or anyone to whom Client may have provided information regarding BLEST's training services, Client agrees to (a) defend BLEST against such claims and pay BLEST for all expenses arising from the claim and (b) indemnify BLEST for all liability to Client or anyone to whom Client may have provided information regarding BLEST's training services resulting from such claims. 4. Medical Release BLEST advises that all applicants seek out medical clearance from a Doctor before starting any BLEST program. Because of the nature of online coaching BLEST employees are not available to check and/or clear clients to start programs. By sending out a program and offering online support BLEST is not stating that the client is fit to use it, the client assumes sole responsibility for their health and preparedness and by applying for coaching is stating that they are fit to start a program. *
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