PULSE Midwest and Great Plains Regional Network Conference
Please fill out this form to register for the Virtual Regional Network conference, August 4-6, 2021. Submit one registration for each individual participating. The deadline to register is July 12, 2021. If you have questions, please contact steven.matzner@augie.edu.
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We encourage teams of individuals from the same department or institution to attend together. If there are other participants from your department, please list them here. Each participant should submit an individual application, but we would like to know if multiple department members are attending. If possible, we recommend including the department chair and/or other faculty/staff who are leading transformation efforts in your department or college.
Have you, or others in your department, participated in any previous PULSE activities (e.g. attended another PULSE conference or presentation, had an Ambassador visit, etc.)? If yes, please explain. *
The focus of the conference will be on developing action plans for enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in life science departments. Please describe any recent efforts your department has made in this area.
Please describe any recent efforts your department has made to transform other aspects of teaching and learning in Biology/STEM. Examples might include: integrating core concepts across the curriculum, developing a new assessment plan, enhancing undergraduate research experiences, incorporating evidence-based teaching practices. *
What are your goals for participating in this virtual conference? *
Are there any accommodations that would be required for your full participation in the interactive video conference sessions? If yes, please describe.
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