NW Championship 2019 Registration
It'd be appreciated if everyone who has signed up to the tournament would answer this forms to confirm their identity which would ease the matchmaking. Sign up: https://challonge.com/nc2019
Contact details
Questions to ease the communication between participants.
Challonge username *
The name you've signed with on challonge.com. Eg, Ewoksson.
In-game username *
The name you use in the multiplayer aspect of the M&B: W - NW DLC. Eg, Ewoksson.
Steam URL *
The address leading to your Steam profile. Eg, https://steamcommunity.com/id/Benisbanis.
Discord username
The name you use on Discord, remember to type the username and not alias. Eg, Emil#4275.
Player Statistics
Optional questions to track statistics and get to know who the participants are.
How would you rate your skills?
Clear selection
Which public servers (if any) have you played on?
Are you a member of a regiment?
Clear selection
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