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Outdoor Education Adventures (OEA) envisions a future where opportunities for environmental education and outdoor experiences are readily accessible and affordable for all ages and all demographics.
Notes on Adjusted Tuition Availability
We strive to offer programs that meet the outdoor education needs of our community. Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfill all of the requests we receive and the resources we have available for adjusted tuition will vary for every OEA event. Applicants may be limited to one program per season covered by a tuition adjustment (one week of camp would qualify as one program).

Tuition adjustments are based on a sliding-scale and honor system. Please request an adjusted tuition amount (up to 80% off) based on what you can afford to contribute to your child’s outdoor education experience. If making payments, please note that program fees must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the first day of the program for which you’re registered.

Even if you are eligible for adjusted tuition, we cannot guarantee that sufficient resources will be available to fulfill your request. We also reserve the right to refuse payment-over-time requests. OEA will contact you with a determination.

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Please note that tuition adjustments may be limited to one program per season based on resources available to us.
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Your Application Empowers Us To Raise Funds for OEA Programs:
Documenting the community need for adjusted tuitions enables us to develop stronger grant proposals and more impactful donation/sponsorship requests. Funding for adjusted tuitions is generously provided through the Yamhill Watershed Stewardship Fund, our staff, and private donors.
Thank you for supporting Outdoor Education Adventures!
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