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KOAN training organization survey

This form is meant to be used by people interested in KOAN training courses, to let us know where they would like training sessions to be organized, in addition to the ones that are already planned.

Participants need to be familiar with the UNIX or Linux command line interface. Those who aren’t are asked to do some self training on the topic, for example by using our training materials. This way, they won’t waste time during practical labs because of issues using the operating system environment.

Participants must also have solid experience in programming in the C language. In particular, they must be familiar with creating and dealing with complex data types and structures, with pointers to such symbols, as well as with function pointers.

Link to this form :

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Interested in which course(s)?
We can provide a very modular training tailored to your needings.
Number of people to train?
Note that if you have 4 people or more to train, your best option is usually to ask us to organize a session at your own site.
Where would you like to attend the course?
Please let us know in which city you would prefer the session to happen. We can organize courses in our office for a maximum of 4 participants, or in your office worldwide for a minimum of 3 participants, or public courses (see our schedule agenda) for a minimum of 5 to 10 participants.
In which language?
We can run training in Italian or English at the moment.
How urgent?
Let us know how urgent your training need is. Please keep in mind that sessions take time to organize and fill. If the need is very urgent, the only solution is either to join an already planned session, or to order an on-site one.
Feel free to share any comments about your training needs, that you couldn't express through this form.
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