AAVE Workshop with James Coats

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Inlandia Institute and UCR ARTS Present a Blacklandia Events Series Workshop

“Remaking Language: AAVE’s Influence on Culture through Writing” with James Coats

2:00-4:00 PM PT, on Zoom. Free and open to the public.

This generative writing workshop will focus on language while highlighting the impact of African American Vernacular English in writing and its influence on mainstream culture. 

This workshop is intended to educate those who are unaware or misinformed about AAVE, and its history and influence in the world around us today. It will encourage writers, especially BIPOC writers, to embrace the language of their experiences and authenticity of their culture. The workshop will also prompt participants to explore poetic elements such as colloquialism, dialect, and vernacular.  

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Code of Conduct

Inlandia’s workshops aim to foster a community that is mindful, generous, patient, curious, and kind, as well as anti-racist, LGBTQIA-affirming, and inclusive. 

If someone’s creative work and/or behavior is seen to go against these community values, whether intentional or unintentional, they will be contacted by staff and an appropriate course of action will be mutually determined and implemented. 

Inlandia is committed to providing a safe space for all, therefore, please note that Inlandia reserves the right to decline participation for any reason whatsoever.

1.) Always be respectful and considerate of everyone’s time and talent. 

2.) When critiquing others’ work, be compassionate, concise, and helpful; wherever possible, use direct examples rather than vague generalizations.

3.) When arriving and departing the workshop, either in person or on Zoom, be prompt, and be courteous to other speakers. If you must arrive late, do so quietly.

4.) Please try to attend all workshop meetings. If you can’t make it, or if at any time you wish to drop the workshop, please notify your workshop leader or the Inlandia Institute at 951 790 2458.

5.) If you have any questions or concerns, including about technology or support, please call the above number or email workshops@inlandiainstitute.org.
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