Torque Converter Rebuild Form

What's a torque converter rebuild?

Goerend torque converters are eligible to be sent back to Goerend for rebuild. The purpose of a rebuild is to refresh, restall, or repair the converter. All rebuilds are videotaped when cut for quality assurance.

Can I get a free stall change?

One free stall change applies to Chrysler 47RH, 47RE, 48RE, 68RFE, and Allison 1000 converters within the first 12 months after purchase with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner.

  1. Drain converter by placing it hub-side down, allowing fluid to empty.
  2. Place drained converter hub-side up in heavy-duty shipping box.
  3. Use sufficient packaging material to protect the converter from damage during transit.
  4. Answer and submit Torque Converter Rebuild Form.
  5. Print the completed Torque Converter Rebuild Form and include inside the shipping box.
  6. Finish packaging and ship converter to:
Goerend Transmission, Inc.
119 North Main Street
Saint Lucas, IA 52166

Now what?

Track your shipment to ensure it has been delivered prior to contacting Goerend to inquire about status.

Current rebuild time is approximately three weeks from the time we receive both the submitted Torque Converter Rebuild Form and your converter.

Please email for questions regarding your rebuild.

Estimated rebuild price ranges from approximately $450 - $650 unless catastrophic damage is present.

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Email *
Name *
First and last name associated with converter.
Business Name *
Business name associated with converter.
Stamping Number *
Will be found on outside cover of converter. (E.g. N182-10) If no stamping number is found, call in before sending in converter.
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Phone Number *
Phone number that may receive calls regarding converter.
Delivery Address *
Address that will receive completed converter from Goerend. (street, city, state, zip)
Billing Address *
Address that will receive billing information from Goerend. (street, city, state, zip)
Vehicle Year *
Transmission Type *
Vehicle Use *
Towing Elevation *
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Towing Weight *
Current Engine Horsepower *
If you intend to substantially increase horsepower in the near future, please inform us.
Input Shaft Type *
Please specify brand of input shaft, if possible.
Purchase History *
Was this converter purchased through Goerend or through another company?
Purpose of Rebuild *
What is the purpose of sending in converter?
Stall *
Please mark the difference in stall change RPM, or provide the name of the stall the converter should be changed to.
Clutch *
An extreme clutch is recommended for 1000+ HP trucks. An extreme clutch will be an additional $180 - $350 depending on if the converter's front cover and piston are reusable.

An extreme clutch is required in some converter stalls, regardless of selection, such as:
  • Chrysler 17-250 and 17-350 stalls.
  • Allison 1000 J and AR stalls.
  • Ford AG stalls.
Sonnax Extreme-Duty *
For Chrysler 47RH, 47RE, and 48RE converters only. 

An SXD converter is used with a Sonnax 35-Spline Big Input Shaft. An SXD converter will be an additional $180 - $450 depending on if the converter's front cover and piston are reusable.
Additional Information
Please share any additional information regarding your converter rebuild.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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