Vendor Application: Next Gen Designers Kid Fair Aug 5th 2017
Where: Carlisle building - 445 N High (Barkbox)
Event time: 10:00 am-4:00pm
Set-up for vendors starts at 8:00am
$25/booth - 6’ table, extension cord for electric & 2 chairs provided per booth

Event info:

About us
Alternative Fashion Mob (or AFM, if you're fond of acronyms) embraces, enjoys, and celebrates our local fashion culture.​ We believe that fashion is for everyone. It should be accessible to all people, regardless of age, shape, sex or economic status. Our celebration of Columbus fashion invites all members of our community – especially the fashion-forward, creatively focused, and community-minded – to participate and embrace as we showcase, nurture, and enjoy our local design talent.​ ​

But who (and what) are we? We are a collection of fashion designers, industry professionals, and couture enthusiasts who are dedicated to furthering the fashion industry in Columbus.​​ You'll see us around Columbus at events, fund raisers, pop-up boutiques, and at the mother of all fashion fests, Alternative Fashion Week.

For more info about Alternative Fashion Week, check us out at or find us on facebook!

Photo Credit: Ashley Voss
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