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Application Qualifications

The NTA is committed to recommending only the products and services we use ourselves, so any materials recommended on have to be vetted and approved by our management team. If you are interested in having your book listed on our Graduate Authors page, please complete this application for consideration.

We will list books that align with our values and brand and meet the evaluation criteria. We reserve the right to refuse posting any books that do not meet our standards and can re-evaluate acceptance at our discretion. To be eligible to apply, your book must meet the criteria listed below. If you meet the initial application criteria, we will contact you to send us a copy of the book for a full review prior to publication on our Graduate Authors page.

Evaluation Criteria

To be considered for publication on our Graduate Authors page, your book must meet the following criteria:

• Available for sale to the public
• Aligns with the NTA value of bio-individuality
• A focus on nutrition, wellness, or relevant business topic
• Content stays within the scope of the author’s training
• Author’s credentials are valid and used appropriately, both on the cover and within the content
• Represents the NTA training and NTP/NTC credentials accurately if applicable
• Respects copyright laws
• Professional and quality appearance that meets the NTA’s standard of branding
• Author conducts themselves with integrity and upholds the NTA’s Code of Ethics
• Content is accessible, beneficial, and applicable to the NTA’s audience

View our Scope of Practice:

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