Air Brake Review Test
This practice test is designed to help you prepare for the Air Brake written test. Once you have completed the test, you may view your test results to see which questions were answered incorrectly.

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1. When a trailer's service brakes fail to apply, the trailer spring brakes can be applied using the: *
2. "S" cam brake components include: *
3. Disc brake components include: *
4. Wedge brake components include: *
5. Brakes convert the energy of a moving vehicle into: *
6. Hydraulic brake systems use: *
7. The brake system on most large commercial vehicles use: *
8. When air brakes are applied or released, the brakes will respond: *
9. A vehicle's brakes must do more work when: *
10. High brake temperatures can result from: *
11. When a vehicle's brakes do not comply with the Ontario Highway Traffic act and regulations: *
12. Drivers must be careful when conducting an inspection of the air brake system to avoid: *
13. When inspecting the brake chambers, the driver must look for: *
14. When inspecting the air compressor drive belt, the driver must look for: *
15. If a vehicle moves while the spring brakes are applied, the vehicle has: *
16. While draining a vehicle's air tanks, the driver must watch the: *
17. An air tank drain valve that fails to function: *
18. A reliable method for inspecting brake adjustment is: *
19. When measuring the applied pushrod stroke, air pressure must be between: *
20. A brake is out of adjustment when: *
21. The type of air brake components on most large commercial vehicles are either: *
22. The air that exhausts from an air brake system can carry: *
23. Air compressors: *
24. Air compressors are powered directly by the engine or using: *
25. Air compressors are mounted directly onto the engine by using: *
26. A governor controls an air compressor's: *
27. The normal operating pressure range for air brake systems is: *
28. Driving a vehicle with the air brake system that is outside the normal operation pressure range is: *
29. When a brake chamber pushrod stroke exceeds the adjustment limit: *
30. Air brake systems must comply with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and regulations: *
31. When conducting an inspection of the air brake system, the vehicle should be parked securely on a... *
32. When inspecting the brake chambers on each side of a steering axle, the driver must ensure that slack adjusters are: *
33. When inspecting the air tanks, the driver must look for: *
34. To test air pressure build-up time, the engine must be running at... *
35. The low air warning device must activate before air pressure drops to: *
36. An air compressor governor should cut-in approximately 138 to 173 kPa (20 to 25 psi): *
37. When a driver finds a brake that is out of adjustment: *
38. Repair and re-adjustment of all types of air brakes may be performed by: *
39. Drivers who are certified to re-adjust air brakes may do so on: *
40. The compressed air in the air brake system is stored in: *
41. Air tanks must be drained regularly because: *
42. To check the air pressure in a vehicle's air brake system, a driver... *
43. Vehicles with air brakes must have air pressure gauges that indicate the pressure in the: *
44. Safety valves prevent: *
45. When a low air pressure warning device activates, the driver must: *
46. An air dryer removes moisture, which is expelled when the: *
47. Alcohol evaporators may be used to: *
48. Using anti-lock braking systems (ABS) to prevent the wheels from locking: *
49. To prevent vehicle movement during an inspection of the air brake system, a driver should use: *
50. When inspecting brake drums and rotors, the driver must look for: *
51. When inspecting visible air brake hoses and tubes, the driver must check for: *
52. To test the tractor protection valve, the driver must check for air exhausting from the: *
53. When testing air pressure build-up time, pressure must build from 587 to 690 kPa (85 to 100 psi) within: *
54. When an air brake system is defective, you must: *
55. The brake pedal in an air brake system is used to: *
56. Manually operated front-wheel limiting valves are: *
57. Air brake chamber pushrod stroke is the result of: *
58. Each air chamber style, type and size has a specific: *
59. Spring brake chambers: *
60. The part inside a spring brake chamber that can be hazardous is the: *
61. When a spring brake chamber has been disabled by a "caging bolt" or other mechanism:
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62. A spring brake control valve is normally: *
63. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) *
64. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) use warning indicator lights to indicate: *
65. When inspecting the foundation brake components, the driver must look for: *
66. The air loss rate on a single vehicle (bus, tractor or truck) must not exceed: *
67. A properly functioning air brake system: *
68. Air compressor cut-in pressure must never be less than: *
69. When inspecting the air compressor, the driver must look for: *
70. When air brake system pressure drops below 414 kPa (60 psi) the spring brakes: *
71. When a vehicle's service brakes fail to apply, emergency brakes can be applied by using the: *
72. When a vehicle's brakes are out of adjustment: *
73. The air brake system on a trailer includes: *
74. When trailer couplers or "gladhands" are cross-connected: *
75. The trailer hand valve is used to: *
76. A vehicle's brakes must do more work when: *
77. When the air loss from an air brake system exceeds the prescribed limits: *
78. The air loss rate on a towing vehicle with two or more trailers must not exceed: *
79. To test the low air warning device, the ignition switch must be turned on and air pressure must be: *
80. The ability of the brakes to stop a vehicle: *
81. A trailer supply valve is: *
82. A tractor protection valve: *
83. A trailer with "spring brake" priority allows the trailer spring brakes to release before: *
84. When the air pressure in the trailer supply line drops below 414 kPa (60 psi): *
85. To test the spring brakes, the driver should apply them and attempt to move the vehicle by: *
86. A compressor cut-out pressure must be between: *
87. Brake fade can result from: *
88. A tractor protection valve is defective if the trailer supply valve is closed (pulled out) and air exhausts from the: *
89. Trailer spring brakes must apply automatically when the: *
90. Trailer couplers or "gladhands" are used to connect the: *
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