CoinPulse Exchange Sign-up Bonus!

Receive 200 CoinPulse Tokens ("CPEX") just for signing up at and completing this form.

You will receive 300 CPEX tokens (that is additional 50%), if you are currently holding EBCH tokens and sending them to for swap. CPEX tokens are currently traded as EBCH (, which are being swapped to CPEX effective July 4, 2018 in the ratio of 3 CPEX for 1 EBCH. The swap will end on September 30, 2018. Please visit for more information about swap.

Please check this article for more details about 20M CPEX Giveaway:


The tokens will be distributed upon completion of 20 million CPEX giveaway program or Sepember 30, 2018, whichever is earliest.

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Required To Claim Sign-up Bonus
After registering at, please complete the following information to claim your free 200 CPEX tokens. Please note completing one trade on is mandatory. There is no minimum for this trade.
1. Telegram Username: Join our Telegram channel at and provide your telegram username below: *
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2. Twitter Username: Follow us on Twitter at and provide your twitter username below: *
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3. Tweet: Please share this link on your twitter handle and copy link to your tweet here: *
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4. Confirm: Please confirm that you will make at least ONE trade on No minimum amount for this trade. *
Special Bonus & Sweepstakes for EBCH Holders only
EBCH Holders who own (or others who buy) EBCH tokens before submitting this form will receive additional 50% bonus (i.e. total 300 free CPEX tokens) if they held them until they swapped EBCH to CPEX at

Also one user out of all EBCH holders who meet the above condition will be randomly selected to receive 100,000 CPEX tokens. No minimum holding limit to claim special bonus & sweepstakes prize. Please do not provide wallet address if you don't meet the above condition.

SPECIAL BONUS: Please provide your wallet (ether) address where you have stored EBCH tokens to receive additional 50% bonus.If you have already swapped them, then just say 'Swapped.' This is for verification purpose only. Your bonus tokens will be credited to your wallet on No need to provide wallet address if you don't meet the above condition.
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SWEEPSTAKES PRIZE: We will randomly select one user from all the EBCH holders who meet the above condition to receive free 100,000 CPEX tokens. Please click yes, if you meet the condition and want to participate.
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You could also win 5000 CPEX tokens just by:

Subscribing to our YouTube Channel:

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