Lesson 1 - 7 Dimensions of Love
The Expanding Circle Leads to World Peace
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1-"Survival mode" is the first dimension of love. It is the most basic instinct of all living creatures. When we ensure our own survival we are loving ourselves at the most basic level. Our fears and anxieties about our own survival begin to subside. How often do you feel confident about your own survival? *
2- Body: Taking care of your physical body, through healthy foods, enjoyable exercise and stress reduction skills expands your circle of love a little larger. You will have more capacity to learn and grow. How successful are you at this dimension of love? *
I neglect my body
I take very good care of my body
3- Mind: The circle expands as you study and research the things that capture your interest. You discover your gifts and talents, and develop your life purpose. How much thought do you give to this dimension of love? *
4- Spirit: Expansion continues as you realize that you are a creative being and can create the things you want out of life. You connect to "the infinite" and experience a greater capacity for love and acceptance of your true self. How close have you come to experiencing this dimension of love? *
I have never experienced this
I live in constant congruence with my life purpose.
Service to Self: These first four dimensions of love put together creates "personal well-being," yet your circle is still only focused on "self." How often do you feel a sense of personal well-being? *
Service to Others: Your circle of love expands and your focus shifts from the foundation work of "serving self" to the fulfilling work of "serving others." How ready are you to make that shift? *
Not interested in making that shift
I made that shift a long time ago
5- Family: Our friends and family members are the first people we find in our expanding circle. Such strong bonds of love form that you realize that you can't enjoy happiness unless they too are enjoying happiness. When they hurt, you hurt, because they are in your heart's expanding circle of love. How often do you experience the pain and joy of this close connection? *
6- Community: As the heart grows in capacity for love we begin to see our fellow man in a new and compassionate light. Everyone we pass catches our attention, as we begin to notice the needs of others. Our expanding circle has room for the strangers all around us. How often do you find yourself concerned about people outside your family and close friends? *
7- Humanity: When we serve others in our local area, it seems to cause our circle to expand large enough for all mankind and all creatures, great and small. We begin to realize that we are all one connected being called "Earth." We receive energy from the sun, from nature, and from all races, religions and cultures. We are at peace with all things without judgement. How big is your expanding circle of love? *
Which of the 7 Dimensions of Love was your strongest? *
Which of the 7 Dimensions of Love was your weakest? *
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