Ecosocialist Green New Deal Pressure Campaign - Record of contacts
All over the country, people are being inspired by the protests and actions to defund or abolish the police all together. All one has to do is look at a city’s budget to discover what sort of priorities their elected officials (and their wealthy donors) have set for our communities. The 2020 City of Las Vegas Budget allotted $173.7 million for police, accounting for 28% of the total budget. This is 2.3x bigger than the budgeted amounts for Culture & Recreation, Public Works, Economic Development/Assistance, and Health COMBINED. [source]

It’s clear that we need to change these priorities and start reinventing our communities to serve people and the planet.

We are asking you to reach out to local public officials and candidates and tell them we need to change our priorities! Here's the document to help you out with this! --->

After you've reached out to your rep, please record it below!
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