Nomination form for 2020 UMSU International election — re-opened nominations
For more information, see the UMSU International website:

This form only covers positions for which insufficient nominations were received during the regular nomination period
Position you are nominating for
All International Students at the University of Melbourne are eligible to run for these positions. In some cases other students may be eligible. Please read the Electoral Regulations carefully to ensure you’re eligible.

This form only lets you nominate for one position at a time. If you are nominating for two positions, you will need to complete the form twice.
Position *
Further information for your nomination
Are you running for multiple positions? *
If you are nominating for two positions, you must let us know which position you would prefer. (You can’t nominate for more than two positions.) Remember you must submit this form twice — once for each position.
Are you an International Student? *
This information will be used when counting ballot papers, and to determine your eligibility for some positions. “International student” means any student of the University who does not hold Australian Permanent Residency, New Zealand Citizenship or Australian Citizenship. Pick the first option that applies to you.
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