DXT Whitelist Pre-Sale Application
Please fill out this form to apply to the Whitelist Pre-Sale for the upcoming token sale held by Datawallet. A minimum investment of USD$50,000 or of equivalent value in BTC, BCH, or ETH is required in order to participate in the Whitelist Pre-Sale. Applicants that are admitted to the Whitelist Pre-Sale will receive confirmation about their participation at the day of the announcement of the Whitelist Pre-Sale start date. Applicants that do not meet the qualifications for the Whitelist Pre-Sale may still qualify to participate in the public token sale.

Disclaimer: Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any tokens. Datawallet will publish a white paper, which you should read carefully and understand fully, including any updates. Every potential token purchaser will be required to undergo an on-boarding process that includes identity verification and certain other documentation, which you should read carefully and understand fully because you will be legal bound. Please make sure to consult with appropriate advisors and others.

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Please provide the numeric value of your intended purchase amount. A minimum purchase of USD$50,000 or an equivalent amount in cryptocurrency or other fiat currencies is required in order to participate in the whitelist pre-sale.
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