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We are a charity supporting people with mental health problems. Please help us to deliver the support you need by answering the questions below. Thank you.
Do you have a mental health problem? *
Please tell us if you have a mental health problem
If you have a diagnosed mental health problem, is it...
Please help us by indicating what type of mental health problem you have
Do you feel you benefit from being supported in confidence building? *
This would be one to one, and small group sessions to help build your confidence levels
Do you feel you would benefit from being supported in improving your assertiveness? *
This would be in a one to one, and in small group sessions to help to build your assertiveness skills
Have you ever considered voluntary work? *
Have you thought about doing voluntary work, for anything between 1 hour and 35 hours per week?
Would you like to learn more about voluntary work and what you could expect in return for it? *
Would you like expert help in looking for paid employment? *
Working on a one to one basis, and in small groups with a mental health expert who is considerate and supportive
Is there any other support you feel we could provide for you?
If so, please tell us below what you would like
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