Jim Hirschberg's Sound Co. Customer Questionnaire
In order for me to know what your expectations are for your wedding day, I have made available this questionnaire to help with the planning process. Feel free to call me anytime if you have a question not addressed here. My number is 800-538-2950. DO NOT RELOAD this page or your answers will be lost. When finished, please click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page and verify that you have the verification response or you may "SAVE" this document by selecting "Save" under the "File" menu at the top of your computer screen, then name the document and save it to your computer or print it out.
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Who is filling out this questionnaire? *
What is your telephone/ email/ address info? *
Contact info
What is the bride's prefered name?
What is the groom's prefered name?
What is the date of your reception? *
Where is your reception going to be held?
Who is in charge of the reception hall?
What is the hall's manager's telephone number?
Where is the ceremony?
What time is the ceremony?
Ceremony time
Is the reception immediately after the ceremony?
Would you like a Grand Entrance/ Introductions?
If you'd like intros, please list the names in order. (Please spell names how they sound)
What type of intros would you like?
What song(s) would you like for the introductions?
Intro music
If there are others you'd like introduced, please list them and their relationships to you.
Approximately how many people will be attending?
# of guests
Do you want to cut the wedding cake?
Cake cutting
If Yes, when would you like to cut the cake?
Cut cake
Clear selection
If your photographer is to be at the reception please include their name and contact info.
If your videographer is to be at the reception please include their name and contact info.
What is the groom's father's name? (please note if deceased or not attending)
Groom's father
What is the groom's mother's name? (please note if deceased or not attending)
Groom's mother
Groom's stepfather's name?
Groom's stepfather.
Groom's stepmother's name?
Groom's stepmother.
What is the bride's father's name? (please note if deceased or not attending)
Brides' father
What is the bride's mother's name? (please note if deceased or not attending)
Brides's mother.
Bride's stepfather?
Bride's stepfather.
Bride's stepmother?
Bride's stepmother.
Do you have a specific time for the meal?
meal time
What sort of food will you be having?
type of meal
Clear selection
Will someone be saying Grace before the meal? Who?
Would you like to have toasts?
When would you like the toasts?
Clear selection
In order, name those that will be giving toasts.
Toast order.
Will there be tables on the dancefloor that must be removed before the dance?
Dance floor status.
When would you like to start the dance?
Dance start
Clear selection
Do you have a specific dance time for the dance?
Dance time.
Is there a specific time that the hall requires the guests to vacate? If so, what time?
Do you have a bus or limo taking transporting people at the end of the evening?
What would you like for the Spotlight dance?
1st dance
Would you like a Father/ Daughter dance? If so, what song?
Bride & dad
Would you like a Mother/ Son dance? If so, what song?
Groom & mom
Would you like a parent's dance? If so, which song?
Would you like a wedding party dance? If so, which song?
Wed. party
Would you like a bouquet toss?
Would you like a garter....
Clear selection
Would you like a dollar dance?
$ dance
Overall, what sort of dance would you like?
Please list any dedications and special song requests.
Are there any other special requests, concerns or other areas of concern?
Will you have hosts? What are their names?
Clear form
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