Grading Entry Form: Monday 10 December 2018
Menai dojo (Menai Indoor Sports Centre, Allison Cres, Menai)
4.45 - 7.45pm
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A WHOLE NUMBER please (e.g. 15), NOT a date of birth or combination of years and months. PLEASE!
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I have 3 black stripes on my belt *
This tells you that an instructor has seen you perform all the new techniques, over time, with competence.
I meet or exceed the minimum waiting period *
Refer to your syllabus book (under the title of the grade) for the MINIMUM number of classes to be undertaken before each grading AND consider any recommendation from your previous grading (e.g. to wait a minimum of six months, regardless of number of classes)
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"White stripe" grades (10th and 8th kyu) are for children up to age 10 only
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(look at the numbers on your current belt)
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The grading fee MUST be received by the Friday prior to the grading else you will not be able to grade.
I shall be making payment PRIOR to the grading by *
(cash in envelope at the dojo; cheques to Anthony Hails; BSB 641 800, Acct 033009900). Payments WILL NOT be accepted on the day and your entry is not confirmed until payment is made (sorry, we have had many people who otherwise do not show and delay the grading for others).
Please ensure that you BRING your licence to the grading * *
* Please do NOT hand it in at the dojo beforehand
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