NGO Code of Ethics
The NGO Code of Ethics is the outcome of an island wide consultation with NGOs that started in May 2015 and is based on the values NGO representatives have chosen as the most important in their work. The methodology was based on the scholarly research of psychologist Shalom Schwartz on basic human values. The Code of Ethics aims to reflect the basic and universal values that represent Cypriot Civil Society Organisations as a whole. Below you will find the Code that includes the 7 values that representatives of Civil Society Organisations have chosen as the most important in their work.

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Overview of Shalom Schwartz's scholarly work on basic human values:

Code of Ethics
Principle (Value)
1. Dignity & Respect (Equality & Politeness): The organisation shall recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every individual and treat everybody with honour and respect, even if in disagreement

2. Accountability (Responsibility): The organisation shall be accountable to stakeholders and accept responsibility for the outcomes of own actions

3. Liberty (Freedom): The organisation shall respect the rights of stakeholders and empower beneficiaries to make own decisions as agents of change

4. Transparency (Honesty & Openness): The organisation shall provide stakeholders timely, accurate and relevant information, in a comprehensive format and in sufficient detail

5. Effectiveness (Capability & Influence): The organisation shall attain and actively manage a level of competence appropriate to responsibilities undertaken, and execute those responsibilities to high technical and ethical standards for maximum stakeholder benefit, and encouraging others to do the same

6. Health & Safety: The organisation shall be conscious of the physical and mental well-being of its beneficiaries and staff / volunteers, and encourage a healthy work-life balance

7. Environmental Protection: The organisation shall act as trustee of the environment on behalf of the next generation, and make best efforts to minimize environmental degradation and encourage others to do the same

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