Duke Dems First-Year Board
There are two purposes to this form! If you just want to be a more involved first-year member of Duke Dems, helping us to plan, organize, and promote events, all you have to provide us with is your name, Duke Email, and Gmail. The amount of commitment this is is up to you. If you would like to be a full member of exec, which involves everything the board does, as well as at least one weekly meeting and daily coordination work, fill out the rest!

The application is due 10/9.
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If you're interested in applying to be a full member of Duke Dems Exec, answer the following questions. Your roles would include helping to plan programming and lead the first-year board. NOTE: even if you don't get chosen to be on exec, you will still be a member of the first-year board!
Don't feel pressured to write essays as answers. Just give us a feel for who you are and what you care about.
Why do you want to be a member of Duke Dems Exec?
Do you have any experiences or skills that you want to tell us about? These could relate to anything: past political experiences, organizing, extracurriculars from high school, graphic design, debating with your parents at the dinner table, etc.
If you've seen it, tell us which West Wing character you are. If you haven't, go watch the entire thing.
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