Application to Gender Expression Fund
The full extent of information given on this form will only be known by the JCR LGBT+ Officer and JCR Treasurer.

The amount of money you predict you will spend will be shared among the JCR committee in discussion of the application and decision as to how much money to award. If you give permission, the item(s) purchased will also be shared in this discussion, but this is not necessary for reimbursement to be awarded. If funds are awarded, you will need to provide a receipt and and bank details so that you can be reimbursed.

Any receipt(s) provided will be circulated with the Senior Treasurer and the Examiner of the College's Accounts, as well as details of the account the money has been transferred to. This is necessary for financial reasons, but the information on the receipts will not be shared outside of the aforementioned individuals, the LGBT+ Officer, and the JCR Treasurer.
How much was the purchase? *
What is the projected cost of purchase? *
Is there any other information you would like to be made known during the discussion of your application? This can include for example, the item of purchase
Name of applicant (this is needed for accounting) *
Please provide your crsID so the LGBT+ officer can contact you to inform you of the result of your application *
I am aware of who will receive the information given on this form, which pieces of information they will receive, and I consent to the sharing of said information *
I have consulted the JCR guidance on safe binding and recommended suppliers of good quality binders ( *
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