TeamEmmmmsie Information Page
TeamEmmmmsie does not mean instant success
TeamEmmmmsie is not a follow for follow community
Twitch team membership isn't guaranteed to everyone
TeamEmmmmsie primarily operates through Twitter and Discord
Due to this at the very least you must have an active Twitter account. Note that inactive twitter accounts are removed from TeamEmmmmsie regularly.
You get as much out of the team as you put into it
There are 3 tiers of moderators on TeamEmmmmsie; junior mods, mods and senior mods
They are available to help assist you with any questions or concerns. Any severe issues will be brought directly to an admin from someone on the mod team to handle. Please follow chain of command, please check the team discord to find members of the mod team to contact or use the help desk/q and a channels. @TeamEmmmmsie on twitter shouldn't be your first point of contact
If you've made it this far and TeamEmmmmsie sounds like the community for you, please continue to the next page to complete the sign-up process!
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