mYAMAdventure Mentor Application
Thanks for your interest in mentoring for mYAMAdventure! Through this program, we aim to help aspiring long-distance hikers head out for their first big hikes.

To be a mentor, you should:
- Have significant experience with long-distance hiking/backpacking.
- Have hiked at least 2/3's of the PCT or have expertise in an area of interest (see below).
- Be willing to communicate with hikers via a private Facebook group (connecting by phone, email, etc. is optional).
- Be at least 18 yrs old.

Most mentoring occurs from Mid-December through April. As a mentor, you're expected to answer hikers' questions as they plan their hikes. Communication happens on our private Facebook group. Some mentors choose to extend that to other modes of communication to provide better one-on-one support. We've identified several topics that we would like to address specifically during the mentoring process. We plan to assign topics to mentors who will lead that discussion for a week or so. You'll see a question about this in the application; please let us know if you feel you can be of special help in any of these topics.

Mentoring is a great way to give back to the hiking community and to help new hikers learn about LNT, trail etiquette, etc. We offer our mentors discounts on our gear upon satisfactory participation in the program, but there is otherwise no compensation - being a part of our hikers' journeys is the reward!

If you're interested in mentoring for us, please fill out and submit the application below.

Find more info on the program itself at:

Real name & Trail name if you have one. Trail name stories appreciated!
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Email address
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Tell us a little about yourself.
What do you do when you're not hiking? What other activities do you enjoy? and so on...
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What does long-distance hiking mean to you?
What inspired you to start? What draws you?
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Describe your long-distance hiking experience & style.
What trails have you hiked? What are your thoughts on pack weight? How do you practice LNT? We want to understand your approach.
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Do you have any outdoors leadership or education experience? If so, describe.
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Describe your typical trail town routine.
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Describe a bad trail situation you've found yourself in and how you got out of it.
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What do you feel are the biggest issues on the PCT amongst hikers?
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How best do you think you can help the mentees and what do you hope to gain from being a mentor?
Through the Facebook group or otherwise. Is there something special you think you can offer them? What do you most hope to pass on? How will you benefit?
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Please check boxes for topics that you feel you'd be especially well suited to help with.
How did you hear about mYAMAdventure?
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Any trips planned for this summer?!
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Other comments? Any ideas for the program? Anything you'd change on this application?
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Expect to hear from us by December.
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