Are you an Active School?
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Do students in a class receive 4 PE periods / week throughout the school year? *
Do all Physical Education Teachers use an age-appropriate, month wise PE curriculum? *
Does the Physical Education program assess the fitness level of the students periodically and provide individual recommendations for improvements? *
Does the Physical Education program periodically reports the fitness level of students and improvements to parents and school management? *
Does your School monitor students' Physical Activity during Summer/Winter vacations and ensure they remain active? *
Does the physical education program consistently following components as appropriate for an all round development? *
• Motor and Physical Fitness drills • Yoga/Gymnastics/Sports Aerobics • Athletics • Health & Nutrition • Multi Sports
Does your school offer opportunities for students to participate in physical activity before and after the school hours through organized physical activities or access to facilities or equipment for physical activity? *
Does your school promote leading an active and healthy life style in following ways? *
• Having hopscotches at school floors • Promoting use of stairs • Having healthy snacks at canteen • Arranging walkathons/marathons/trekking
Are all students of a class provided opportunities to participate in Physical Activity/Sports periods? *
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