Speak at !!Con 2020!
We are so excited to hear you talk about what excites, amazes, and surprises you about computing. Remember that your talk* can take forms other than a traditional talk format. But we're also excited about traditional talk formats! See our CFP for more information.
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We anonymize talk proposals to avoid bias: your name and other personal information won't be visible to reviewers. Please don't enter anything on this part of the form that will reveal your identity. Thanks!
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Abstract for your talk *
This should be a short, engaging blurb that advertises what your talk will be about. For some examples of good !!Con abstracts, see past accepted talks (http://bangbangcon.com/2014/speakers.html, http://bangbangcon.com/2015/speakers.html, http://bangbangcon.com/2016/speakers.html, http://bangbangcon.com/2017/speakers.html, http://bangbangcon.com/2018/speakers.html, http://bangbangcon.com/2019/speakers.html). Don't feel limited to what's been done in the past, though! If your talk is accepted, you'll have a chance to edit your abstract before we make it public.
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Timeline for your talk *
Please tell us how you will use your ten minutes. Detail is good! This is your chance to show us that you've thought about how to fit your topic into ten minutes, no more and no less. There's advice about how to write a great timeline here: http://composition.al/blog/2017/06/30/how-to-write-a-timeline-for-a-bangbangcon-talk-proposal/
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What kind of background knowledge will your audience need to be able to get something out of your talk?
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Please provide a brief, two-to-three-sentence bio of yourself (in the third person: "[Name] loves sandwiches", not "I love sandwiches"). If your talk is accepted, this bio will appear on our website along with your talk abstract (and you'll have a chance to edit it if that happens).
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Additional notes
You can optionally use this space to explain if you need us to provide any special resources or accommodations for your talk (other than a mic and a projector), or if you have any concerns to share with the proposal anonymizer.
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Speaker travel funding
Our travel reimbursement policy this year is different. For speakers chosen to speak at !!Con NYC 2020, we will cover up to $1000 of travel expenses, including lodging, to be reimbursed within 30 days of the conference. If you need more than that, we'll provide instructions along with your acceptance email.
Will you be attending !!Con 2020 from outside NYC and requesting travel funding?
Thank you so much for your talk proposal!
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