Durake.Me Content Creation Team Application
Section 1 - Information Collection
What is your full name? *
Ex: Drake Robinson
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What is your Discord username? *
Ex: Dur-Ah-Kay#0651
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If accepted, you will receive a Durake.Me email address for business use. Your email will remain private and will only be used as a forwarder.
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Now that you have completed the basic information collection, please read below..
Answer 100% honestly. No questions on here will be an ultimate yes or no for us accepting or denying your application. Some of these we absolutely need to know so we can best fit you in our team. If there is something you are unsure of, just respond to the best of your ability. If you lie on this application in any form you will be banned on all Durake.Me services. (Discord, Private Game Servers, etc.) No second chances.
Type "I agree" if you agree that you will not lie on this application and everything you submit is 100% true. *
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