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Job Description - Copy Chief
Copy Chief will be responsible for maintaining a staff of at least eight editors. Copy Chief will not only edit for AP style, grammar, and punctuation but also for story angles and story flow. The Copy Chief will have hire/disciplinary power over section staff as he/she sees fit. As the final eyes before EIC, the copy chief must thoroughly review all articles and columns to ensure they are ready to be published.

· Must be present on production night.

· Must be present at weekly budget meetings.

· Hold office hours for a minimum of 12 hours per week Tuesday through Friday.

· Ensure all staff are in appropriate SLACK channels and have CAMAYAK access.

· Be knowledgeable in AP style, grammar, spelling, punctuation and journalism standards.

· Maintain an on-call schedule of copyeditors for breaking news.

· Communicate effectively with other section editors when there is a question about a story.

· Hold weekly copy meetings open to all The University Star staff.

· Meet deadlines.

· Check University Star email account several times a day.

· Reply to applications within 24 hours.

· Reply to emails within 24 hours.

· Assist with contest entries as needed.

· Required to attend bi-weekly all-staff meetings.

· Ensure all content meets the highest standards of journalistic ethics.

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