2019-20 BEST/PTO Volunteer Opportunities
Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

BEST/PTO is the Bedford Elementary Schools Together Parent Teacher Organization. One of our roles is to coordinate volunteers for the Davis and Lane Schools. Please fill out this online form to sign up to volunteer. We have many opportunities for those with occasional or regular availability. There are some volunteer opportunities during the day in-school and some that can be done any time on your own schedule. Volunteer participation of any kind is welcomed and encouraged!

To sign up to volunteer using this form, please check off anything you might be interested in to get on the email list to hear more about it and sign up for specific dates. Signing up here does not commit you to any specific days or frequency of volunteering.

If you are interested in in-school volunteer opportunities, please submit a CORI form in-person and your driver's license at the Davis or Lane School office. You may NOT volunteer without an approved CORI. CORI forms can be downloaded by clicking the following link: https://tinyurl.com/BedfordPSCORI. Please submit your CORI at least three weeks before the date you want to volunteer as processing the CORI takes time. If you hear back that you do not yet have an approved CORI and you think you did submit one, please contact the school office to find out why your CORI is not yet approved.

If your student has a grandparent who is interested in volunteering, please forward this online form. The grandparent will also need to fill out a CORI Form in-person.

If you have any questions about volunteering or this form, please contact Cristina Egerman, our BEST/PTO Volunteer Coordinator, at cristina.egerman@gmail.com.
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Has Volunteer submitted a 2019-20 CORI form to the Davis or Lane office? All volunteers are now required to fill out a CORI form (Criminal Offender Record Information Acknowledgement Form) EVERY YEAR in-person. *
By checking this box, all Volunteers named in this BEST/PTO Volunteer Opportunities Survey agree to abide by the rules found in this Davis/Lane Volunteer Contract: https://bestptoma.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/volunteer-contract-16.pdf. Please visit this link to understand the rules of in-school volunteering. The rules cover topics such as confidentiality, referring discipline issues to a teacher, turning cell phones off, and not bringing younger siblings along when volunteering. *
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