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Please complete the below form if you are a 2019/2020; 2020/2021 EdVance Graduate or Potential Graduate and have received a letter or phone call asking you to RSVP. The EdVance Virtual Commencement Ceremony will be taking place on October 21, 2021 at 1 PM.
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Virtual Graduation Ceremony Consent - The graduation event will be private, meaning that only those who have received an invitation/link to participate will be able to participate in the ceremony or access the content. While our school and TDSB strive to ensure our students’ privacy rights are respected, and their personal information is protected please note that students’ immediate families, extended families, and friends may also be viewing the event at the same time. As such, our school and TDSB cannot guarantee complete privacy. Please checkmark one of the options below : *
I understand that this year's ceremony will be held virtually (online) and that I will receive a link to the ceremony (Date TBD). The link will be active until (TBD) and personal copies of the ceremony cannot be provided. Copies of your transcript can be requested after June 29, 2021 by emailing: NOTE: Diploma pick-up information will be posted to our website once available. Please include your initials below to confirm you have understood. *
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