Foster Home Application
New England Puppy Rescue provides all supplies needed for your foster puppy. You provide a safe, loving environment!

Fostering a dog is the most critical volunteer job in our rescue. Thank you for applying!

Reasons to become a foster:
  • Love of animals 
  • Want to help save lives.
  • Able to always get your "puppy fix."
  • No permanent, lifetime commitment to one puppy/dog while still saving countless lives.
  • The instant gratification of love and affection – they know you saved them!
  • Get to wake up feeling good every day knowing you made a difference.
Things we ask of our fosters:
  • 1-2 week commitment, but as little as overnight & weekend too!
  • Keep the puppies safe & loved.
  • Watch and report IMMEDIATELY any signs of illness.
  • Agree to pick up or arrange to meet to pick up your puppies when they arrive in from the transport.
  • Bath the pups once they arrive or before their adoption meeting.
  • If needed, administer any medications as prescribed.
  • Agree to drop off your puppies at their adoption meeting.
Our Foster-to-Adopt Program:
  • Apply to be a foster, as usual
  • All of the above applies (Things we ask of our fosters)
  • You get to have a trial run with a puppy to see if its a match
  • Either way, you help save a life!
  • Not all puppies are eligible with the program, but a majority are
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Being a foster is what saves lives! Thank you for applying! 
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