Bird Mortality Reporting Form
"A morbidity/mortality event has been occurring in nestling and fledgling songbirds in the mid-Atlantic and extending into the Southeast and eastern upper Midwest. Since mid-May, numerous young birds – mainly blue jays, starlings, and common grackles, but also robins and cardinals – have been found with ocular and neurologic issues, and in some cases these birds have been found dead in large numbers."

"If you think you may have witnessed an event of this type, please use this form to report the incident to us."

Please only include birds with symptoms consistent with this ongoing disease event: ocular symptoms (crusting, swelling, discharge) and / or neurologic symptoms (head tilt, rapid eye movements, poor vision, lack of coordination, inability to fly).

"PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure to wash your hands carefully and avoid all contact with dead or sick animals."

(PennVet, University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, 2021)
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