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RCUSA members are organizing Refugee Virtual Advocacy Days on Tuesday, September 1st - Thursday, September 3rd, 2020. We will host an advocacy training and virtual visits with Members of Congress. We are seeking constituents with a deadline of Thursday, August 20th COB to sign up (here).

The advocacy days will occur during a crucial moment just ahead of when Members of Congress and administration officials will be meeting to discuss the refugee admissions goal for FY 2021. It is imperative for supporting organizations and individuals to make their voices heard to support the refugee resettlement program and restore the program to a goal of 95,000 - the historic average.

Important Note: This effort does NOT supplant requests for in district virtual meetings with local congressional staff during August recess, which should take place between August 3rd and August 14th (as the Democratic National Convention will occur on August 17th-20th, and the Republican National Convention will occur August 24th-27th).

Engage in direct advocacy with Members of Congress who are engaged in the consultations between the administration and Congress ahead of setting the refugee admissions goal for FY 2021.
Lift up refugees who are serving on the frontlines of pandemic response and demonstrate community support for a return to the historic average admissions goal of 95,000.
Mobilize advocates to take the skills they’ve strengthened or developed during advocacy days back “home” to their districts.

Congressional Targets: We are targeting the Republican leadership on the Senate & House Judiciary Committees and respective Immigration Subcommittees.
Colorado: Representative Ken Buck (CO-4), HJC Immigration Subcommittee Ranking Member
Ohio: Representative Jim Jordan (OH-4), HJC Ranking Member
South Carolina: Senator Graham, SJC Chairman
Texas: Senator Cornyn, SJC Immigration Subcommittee Chairman
Utah: Senator Mike Lee, SJC Immigration Subcommittee Member
Iowa: Senator Chuck Grassley, SJC Immigration Subcommittee Member
North Carolina: Senator Thom Tillis, SJC Immigration Subcommittee Member

Invitations: We are inviting refugee leaders and other high level influencers from these target states who have relationships with these congressional and administrative targets.

Setting up Congressional Meetings: Mackenzie Sheldon (IRAP), Ana Ortega (HRF), and advocates will set up meetings for participants, and every group will be accompanied by a RCUSA member advocate.

Tentative Schedule:
Tuesday, September 1st: Prep time with constituents and accompaniers
Wednesday, September 2nd: Legislative visits (priority day)
Thursday, September 3rd: Legislative visits (backup day)
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