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IEG stands for International Erasmus Games - event will take place in Milan from 5th to 8th of May 2016. It's a great possibility to meet Erasmus people from all over the Europe while playing sports and having fun. Last year the 1st IEG happened and this year ESN Latvia wants to take part as well - for that we need you, teams of Erasmus students from our country's universities. Are you ready? There will be 3 main sports games and some extra sports. You have to sign-up your team for at least one of the main sports (if you wish, you can play all 3 of them). ESN Latvia will cover the participation fee but you might have to cover your travel expenses (still, we're working on that too with a hope that you will have to pay 50% of travel costs or less). Lets's go to Milan! P.S. In case lots of teams apply we will have to organise local games as well so be prepared;)
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There are 3 main sports: *futsal (5 players, 1 girl on the field all the time), *basketball (3 players, any gender), *volleyball (6 players, 2 girls on the field all the time). You can have 2 reserves maximum for each of the sports.
Your team players *
In your team you may have Erasmus students, your Latvian friends, ESN people. Remember that maximum is 8 people in the team (for volleyball and in case you play volleyball + other sports). Here you should write down names of the people that will play in your team as we have to know how many there will be!
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