A Vision for the Future - Centre for Family Literacy
The Centre for Family Literacy (CFL) is starting a process of community impact planning. This is a plan that will guide our work, help us make decisions, and ensure we are being responsive and providing services that are relevant and needed.

It has been 23 years since CFL was established. Over the years we have worked with thousands of people in some way. We've:

  • offered programs locally (Greater Edmonton area) and provincially
  • provided training locally, provincially and nationally
  • created resources to support families
  • created resources for professionals across sectors
  • carried out research in family literacy

Much has changed over the years, especially during COVID-19. It is time for CFL to ensure we are changing in a way that supports a future we hope to achieve. To know what that future should look like, we are reaching out to as many people as possible. All of you have your own unique connections, experiences and perspectives with CFL and we want to hear from you.

We are starting with a look at the big picture. We are asking you about the future: what we dream the future will be and all that would be possible. As you go through this form, try to dream big - as if there are no restrictions or restraints on what might be possible. If we don't dream it, how can we ever hope to make it come true?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions - your feedback is important! This form will be open until January 15th, 2024.

Please email Kimberley Chung at kim_chung@famlit.ca if you have any questions about this or you would like to stop receiving communications about our planning.

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What's your connection (past or present) to the Centre for Family Literacy?
If the Centre for Family Literacy's work was 100% successful, what would the future look like? Remember to dream big!
What would the future you described above make possible - for individuals, families, communities, and society?
What would CFL's role look like in this future?
Can we contact you if we want to ask you about any of your answers?
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