Tiki Oasis Volunteer & Staff Positions!

We are so thrilled you are interested in being part of the family at Arizona Tiki Oasis (AZTO). At this time we are seeking both volunteers and staff members for the event weekend Oct 29th- Nov 1st 2020.

As a volunteer you must commit to one 6-8 hour shift. In exchange you will receive and Evening Resort Pass!!

As a staff member you are committing to at least two shifts (16 hours+) over the course of the weekend with perks PLUS additional stipend!


A few things you should know before you apply:
1) Shifts are 8 hours long (don't worry, you'll get a break).

2) Filling out this survey does NOT guarantee that you will get a volunteer position.

3) If you are accepted, we will send you an EMAIL and you must CONFIRM your shift. You will have only a short window to RSVP. If we do not hear from you we will place your name on the waitlist, and fill the position with another volunteer.

5) Note that volunteers who fail to show up for their volunteer shift forfeit the right to volunteer again in the future. And we will hunt you down and cut off your wristband, then post your name to the public volunteer list, or maybe even send you an invoice for your free ticket!

Still Interested?
Take a few minutes to fill out the below survey. We want to get a better understanding of your skills and how you would like to get involved in the event.

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