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We’re truly dedicated to working with speakers who bring applicable and intriguing thoughts to our events. By filling this form we can get a feeling of who is keen on talking at Intrigue, get familiar with your experience and get to know how will you intrigue our audience.

We ordinarily begin looking for speakers a few months before the event and finalize the line up 2 months before the conference. It may take some time for us to respond, but we will respond as soon as we can.

Below are a few points you can take care of while pitching:

- Intriguing and Actionable - Our audience of CMOs, Marketing Directors, Digital Heads, Sales Heads and senior members from the marketing and sales departments of organizations consistently requests information and data that they can apply in their companies or that helps them understand what their agency is doing. ROI is very important for them. The ideal result from your session should be a list of activities for a participant to add to their daily agenda in their companies.

- Explain Properly – If you pitch an idea like 'social media marketing' or even 'AI in marketing' it's very hard for us to know exactly what you plan to talk about. The more detailed the title and description the greater the chance we'll like the idea.

- No Basics - While there are some learners who attend Intrigue (Around 5%), it is best to avoid general theorizing on abstract subjects and basic, obvious tips. Our audience is not new to the digital marketing arena. They have been there, done that. They are looking for new ways to innovate and increase ROI from marketing.

- Don't pitch your products and services – We don’t allow pitching of a product or services from the stage unless you sponsor a masterclass or a Keynote purely focusing on how to use a product/service/idea that is already used by our audience or are willing to use it. To know more about how to talk about your product/service from the stage, how will we attract an audience to your session and other sponsorship options, please email at

- Be authoritative - The speaker must "know" their subject and it should be obvious in the delivery. He/she should know how to intrigue an audience in other words.

- 20/30 Minutes talks - Our sessions last twenty to thirty minutes, which means you need to have a very tight and specific idea of what you'd like to cover.
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