#MagicArtChallenge & #SecondMainPhase donations
Hi friends!

If you're looking for how to submit an item to the #MagicArtChallenge and #SecondMainPhase fundraising drives, supporting Black Lives Matter and Black causes, you're in the right place!

Any donation is accepted!
- We'll feature the marquee items, such as Magic original art, in auctions on the MTG Art Market Facebook group from June 20-27 (#MagicArtChallenge)
- We'll raffle off other items during a telethon-style event in mid-July! (#SecondMainPhase)

If you'd like to donate more than one item, please complete this form once per item.

Please make sure you can get the item shipped by July 1; we want to make sure auction winners receive their sweet new pieces quickly, and we want to make sure we've got everything in hand for the raffle so we don't miss any land drops or item shipments.

To be clear - all proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting Black lives and Black causes. We're not charging any fees, admin costs, commissions, or other charges other than those required for donation fulfillment. You authorize the organizers to set minimum bids, auction and raffle processes, and so forth.
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