Christ Centered Discipleship Registration
Parents - please fill this form out as thoroughly and accurately as possible and submit by Wednesday, September 2nd. If there is information you need to share with us that does not fit into any of the particular questions or categories, please add it in the notes at the end of the form. You will also be receiving a paper copy of the registration form if you would prefer to fill out a printed form and return it to the Parish Office by the same date. Please contact either Jessica Pehmoeller or Tami Honse with questions or concerns.
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If you have not yet signed up to receive phone calls, emails & text messages through the OneCall alert system, please text "Alert" to 22300 and then check the box below. It is very important that all families are signed up to receive these messages. *
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Please check the box below if you would like to learn more about ways that you can support your child's religious formation at St. Wendelin through volunteering your time, talent, or treasure.
Please check the box below if you would like to learn more about adult formation opportunities to help you to further grow in your faith, so that you can better pass it on to your children.
Please add any notes below, indicating any information that may be important for us to know in order to serve your family better.
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