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Science and Engineering Mentoring Outreach (SEMO) Program

Our Mission:

Santa Clara University students will participate in science education outreach through a mutually beneficial collaboration by community service to a diverse community. SCU students will provide higher education role models, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) career awareness, and soft skill development through mentorship to high school students. High school students will be inspired and motivated to pursue higher education and careers in STEM and health fields by networking with young adult role models and being equipped with a variety of soft skills for success.

We are looking for the following qualities in our SCU mentors.
A Santa Clara University student mentor must be
- knowledgeable
- resourceful
- approachable
- a responsible individual who will follow through with their commitment to the program.

Important qualities of a mentor in the SEMO Program include the ability to work well with high school age students and having knowledge of soft skills as well as other skills to pass on to their mentee. Science and engineering majors are preferred, and SCU students who are comfortable with tutoring in mathematics are also good candidates for the program. Spanish skills may be beneficial. Any extra skills mentors can bring will help enrich the program.

Those interested in SEMO who express interest in long-term commitment to the program are most sought after.

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