Canine Adoption Application
Our adoption application is designed to get to know you, your living situation, and to learn about your interests in dog adoption. Filling out thes application does not obligate you to adopting an animal, nor does it obligate Paw Fund in any way. For questions please contact us at:
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After the pandemic, will you spend more time at work/away from the home than reported above? If so, please explain.
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How will you socialize your dog with other dogs? Please explain how often and in what settings. *
Do you feel the current COVID pandemic will affect your ability to socialize your dog with people, dogs, and the surrounding world? If you have any existing dogs, please explain how the pandemic has impacted their routine and daily activities. *
What methods will you use to teach your dog desired behaviors (e.g. a trick, to walk on leash)? *
What training methods will you use to fix your dog's unwanted behaviors? *
Are you willing to adopt a pet that needs regular medication? *
Are you willing to adopt a pet that needs regular grooming? *
EXISTING PETS: Please list the SPECIES, BREED NAME, AGE, GENDER and WEIGHT of any pets in your home and. *Please also share where you got them.*
Are your pets spayed/neutered or unaltered?
Have you ever surrendered a pet? If yes, why? *
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Please list the name of your most recent or current veterinarian: *
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Thank you very much for your interest in adopting from Paw Fund and for taking the time to complete our application.
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