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Are you tired of working on your own?
This is a short survey to start finding out what Deptford locals require and need for starting up in business or already trading to have space - be sociable and share knowledge, network and be creative. PPS is an inclusive project to enable and promote people with all sorts of abilities to be self employed.

PPS - the last thing you think about in a message!
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Are you based in Deptford? *
What type of business? *
Do you think you're in a vacuum and have nobody to share and improve an idea? *
Where do you do most of your admin work? *
Where are you in terms of your business? *
Does the idea of a space in Deptford where you can meet other people starting a business interest you? *
Would you like to do a talk about your business or invite someone to do a talk?
Interested in joining PPS? At the moment the project is to get interest. Proposals and places are out there...
How about meeting up to start the conversation and meet the organiser trying to make it happen? 20th November at Isla Ray on Deptford high street
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