Pre-On Boarding Questionnaire
In order to align our Digital Marketing efforts with your company's core principles and strengths, it's important for us to get some deeper knowledge about yourself before going full-steam into the campaign.Thus, we request you to fill in the below queries. It will help us ensure that we move in the right direction with our keywords, content, sales funnel strategies. It also ensures that we develop the highest quality content matching visitor intent and expectations.

Help us help you build a robust marketing strategy. *Please note that answering all questions are not mandatory, some are required. However, the more you let us know about yourself, the more streamlined our marketing strategy would be.
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Understanding Your Business Strategy
Enlighten us about your mission and vision.
What's your website address, if any? *
What is your industry? *
What values and beliefs define your brand? *
What are the pain points you/your product solve for customers? *
From an overall business standpoint, what is your biggest challenge?
What makes your business/product unique in the market?
What are your monthly/quarterly/yearly marketing goals? *
What percentage of customer deals are you targeting to influence by digital marketing?
Identifying Brand's Audience & Industry
Help us understand your customers and competitors.
Who is your target audience? Do you have established buyer personas for each of your target customer groups? *
What is the size of your total addressable market? *
What percentage of your market is aware of your brand and products/services?
What makes buying your product or service necessary? What makes a customer buy right now?
Are there seasonal buying patterns that affect your sales? *
Describe to me your most profitable customer...Who are they? What do they do? Where do they hang out?"
What types of prospects are not a good fit for your company/business? *
Who are your three biggest competitors? *
What are all the benefits of your products broken down by product and target audience?
Help us understand what quantifies as an achieved target for you.
What are your metrics for success? *
How about add-on metrics? *
What is the most important action on your site? What is the least important action on your site? *
What will make this campaign successful in your eyes? How about in your bosses’ eyes? How about in your sales team’s eyes?
Tracking and Reporting
Help us understand what reports put a smile on your face.
How will you measure ROI? *
What tracking systems and social reporting systems are you using now or will use in the future? *
Are there any in-house reports or dashboards you will want the data integrated into? If so, can we see them so we can deliver data to you in the right format?
What can we provide you to help express your success within your company and promote the good work that you do?
Social Media
Let's get to know about your media appetite.
What media properties do you know you want to be in? Why? *
What are your geographical constraints? *
What fears, compliance issues, and workflow issues might hold us back from doing trending social media marketing? *
What will be the tone of your social media updates?
What emotions do you hope to convey through your brand’s visuals and messaging?
Is there any specific category/niche that you want your posts to be limited to?
Would you use social media to provide customer service?
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