IMMEDIATE Fashion School 2020 - Workshop Proposal
"World building is a revolutionary act, a bit of spell casting to invoke a dream into blooming. In a time of collective unveiling, we explore how fashion dovetails with world building as the expression of our unseen self. The ways and means that produce the aesthetics of a new world are bound to everything from economic structures to indigenous sovereignty to beauty standards. As we experiment with aesthetics and fashion, we refine our collective vision for a new world." Kimmothy Cole, IFS ATX artist leader & participant 2017-2020

According to wikipedia, world building is the process of constructing an imaginary world. It is often associated with science fiction writing, video game creation or role playing games. This season IMMEDIATE Fashion School will play with creating fantastic arrangements of everything from politics, power structures and culture to bodily and sensory experiences, communication styles and social relationships. We'll daydream and create a world that is everything we wish the world to be in real life in 2020 and examine how it expresses in what we put on our bodies and how we appear to one another.

We are seeking artists and leaders to guide the IMMEDIATE Fashion School community in the exploration of this theme through reading & discussion nights, skill-share workshops, collaborative art projects and talks. Please submit this form if you are in Austin, TX or Seattle, WA. (Elsewhere requires stewardship and/or funding. Get in touch if you are interested in helping to bring IMMEDIATE Fashion School to where you live.)

You are welcome to submit more than one proposal, but please submit separate forms for each proposal.
Due to COVID-19, we are unsure when the 2020 season will launch so there is no deadline for this proposal at the moment.
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If you are proposing a skill-share workshop or collaborative art project, please give a brief outline, in chronological order, of what participants will do in your workshop/project. What activities will happen, and how long does each take? How much time is allotted for discussion or demonstrations and how much for individual work on the projects? Please keep in mind that most workshop blocks are 3 hours long. Will your workshop or project require more than one block of time? For collaborative art projects, what does the finished project look like? How will it be shared with the public? If you are proposing to lead a reading & discussion night, you will need to initiate a syllabus of readings/media and create a 30 minute game or playful activity for the group related to the topic of the night. Please talk about your ideas here.
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Please list all needed supplies with an estimate of cost. If you plan on providing a supply free of charge (such as tools and equipment you already own), please list it and write 'will provide'. Please base your cost estimates on having 10-15 participants in a workshop.
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What kind of space do you need for your workshop/project? Tables and chairs? An open area? Do you need access to electrical outlets, running water, internet, projector, etc.? Any other needs?
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Workshops will most likely take place on evenings and/or weekends. Please let us know if there are any times that you would likely NOT be available, such as a block of time you will be out of town or a day of the week that you have other obligations. Due to COVID-19, things are uncertain, so we will check in with you again about scheduling.
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Leader Payment *
This year, we have budgeted $125 per workshop to pay leaders for their time. Some may choose to offer to lead their workshop free of charge or for a reduced fee, as this allows us to have more workshops and a wider variety of programming. However, please do not hesitate to ask for the full amount if you feel you need it! IMMEDIATE will cover supply budgets for all workshops and will offer free or discounted season passes to all leaders TBD.
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