Sweeper Bot Labor Union #832 First Annual Second Annual Survey
Thank you for taking this ten question survey. To remain registered in the clan, please add your gamertag in answer to question 1 so we know you continue to be interested. Members who do not respond by September 24, will be presumed inactive and removed for additional spaces. They may rejoin in the future.

Additionally, please answer as many of the other questions as you feel comfortable, in order to help us improve SBLU's benefit to members and/or amuse us.
My gamer tag is _______ and __________
Your answer
2. Shadowkeep will allow cross-platform saves for the first time. Which platforms do you plan on playing the game on?
Not unless blidside buys it for me
3. Please name these soon-to-be-proposed Destiny Exotics:
Bungie is eagerly awaiting our thoughts. Projectxmatt is waiting to kill you with them.
A high-rate-of-fire pulse-rifle with outlaw that fires a grenade as the first shot after a precision kill
Your answer
Warlock boots that extend floof by thirty percent for a short time after multikills
Your answer
A fusion rifle reloaded with ammo (not from reserves) every time it wastes a Guardian in the Crucible, which is literally every time it is fired
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4. Thinking about the last year of Destiny 2, the activities you enjoyed were
Multiple times per week
About weekly / for Milestones
Every now and then
Never / Never willingly
Crucible (Competitive)
Strikes and Nightfall
Gambit Classic/Prime
Story Missions
Dreaming City Mysteries
Escalation Protocol
Black Armory
Blind Well
Shattered Throne (when available)
Exotic Weapon Missions
5. The Dip Question
If unclben told you he was coming to your house to bring a snack over, but your crummy headset cut out and you couldn't hear what, only that he wanted you to get "something to dip them in," what would you choose?
Your answer
6. Looking ahead to Shadowkeep, which of the following ONE OR MORE activities are you hoping to spend about the same or more time doing?
7. Where has Eris Morn been all this time?
Your answer
8. Overall, your experience teaming with other SBLU members is described by ONE OR MORE of the following statements:
9. Who is your favorite mod?
10. Anything else you want us to know about how the clan is doing or can improve? Or any other things you want us to know?
(*we cannot provide attorney-client privilege)
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