Spring 2020 DC Reading Clinic Teacher Application
We are so excited you've decided to apply! Please read through all of the FAQs and draft Spring 2020 schedule at www.dcreadingclinic.org before applying. Applications close December 1, 2019.

Please note:
1. Your reference-writer has ten days from submission of your application to complete their reference (see below.) It is advisable to apply early.
2. Select candidates may be invited to a phone interview within 3-4 weeks of submitting their application. If you apply with all materials by November 15, you will be given priority timing for interviews. Decisions will be made the week of December 16-20, 2019.
3. All communication for teacher applicants is run through the Emery site coordinator, Jacqueline Roche. Her email address, emeryreadingclinic@gmail.com, is used for all teacher applicants, including those interested in Turner Elementary for their experience.
DCPS email address (if you do not have a DCPS email address, you are not eligible to apply) *
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First and Last Name *
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Which best describes your current occupation with DCPS? *
Current school: *
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Do you intend to teach or lead with DCPS after completing your clinical hours? *
How did you hear about the Clinic? *
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Discuss a frustrating experience you've had trying to teach a student to decode a specific word (1 paragraph.) *
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Structured Literacy is focused on foundational skills (phonological awareness, phonics, decoding, and fluency) for students who struggle to decode. Why do you need or want to learn Structured Literacy? (2-3 paragraphs) *
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Have you been trained formally or informally in any relevant methods? Check any below. *
Our teachers embody the following values: Service, Integrity, Curiosity, and Excellence. Choose one value and explain how you embody that value in your current work (1 paragraph.) *
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The Clinic work will feel like a heavy graduate course, and we depend on teacher participation to fulfill our commitment to students and families. Please review the FAQ and Sample Schedule on the website. *
Trinity University offers 3 graduate/continuing ed credits for this course for $375. Would you be interested in applying for graduate credit? *
Do you prefer to complete your clinical hours with the student at Emery PD Center or at Turner Elementary? *
What is your availability for Tutoring Sessions in Spring 2020? Please note that Class will be held weekly on Tuesday nights for Emery teachers, and Wednesday nights for Turner teachers.
A reference is required. References can include current or former principals, vice principals, and instructional coaches. The reference-writer will get a form email within 2 business days of your submission of your application and have 10 days to complete the form. Please include their email below and notify them of the process. *
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Finally, please send a current resume to emeryreadingclinic@gmail.com with the subject line "Resume - First Name Last Name." Resumes in PDF form are preferred. *
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