Shepherd Forest Civic Club 2021 Survey
The Shepherd Forest Civic Club conducts a yearly survey to understand our members and residents’ concerns. It
helps us to identify new ideas that can help our neighborhood. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.
Please rate the importance of each of the following aspects of the Civic Club. * *
1-Not at all important
5- Very important
Enforcement of Deed Restrictions
Reading the monthly newsletter - Shepherd Forest Times
Visiting the SFCC website –
Visiting the SFCC Facebook page or NextDoor page
Civic Club Meetings (On Zoom or In Person)
Social Events – Egg Hunt, Fall picnic, Christmas Party
Beautification – Yard of the Month, Neighborhood Clean ups
Security – Citizens on Patrol
What topics or speakers would you like at the Civic Club Meetings?
Do you have concerns in your neighborhood that you would like the Civic Club to address?
What projects would you like to see the Civic Club get involved in?
Are you willing to support the Shepherd Forest Civic Club by joining today for only $20 a year? *
Other Comments
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