Young Alumni Leaders Council Application
Thank you for your interest in Wisconsin Lutheran High School’s Young Alumni Leaders Council (YALC).

Purpose: The WLHS Young Alumni Leaders Council is a volunteer committee of Christ-centered, successful, and motivated young alumni professionals committed to supporting the school’s mission to prepare young adults for productive, Christ-centered lives in a diverse world through resource raising, marketing and advocacy efforts.

Structure: The committee will consist of young alumni ranging in age from 25 years to 35 years old appointed by the committee through an application process. A chair position will serve as council leader to drive communication and direction in collaboration with the Mission Advancement Office.

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Each member is strongly encouraged to include Wisconsin Lutheran High School in their annual charitable giving. While we recommend a minimum donation of $100, it is not required. Likewise, YALC members may elect to donate at whatever level they deem appropriate through the Wisco Champions monthly giving program. Each member will also be encouraged to solicit their organization for a corporate sponsorship for WLHS sponsored annual events such as the Auction, Golf Outing, and others as identified. Included in this give/get is the expectation that each member will assist in organizing YL Board-led fundraising events. Would you be able to do this? *
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