Staff Application
This form is going to evaluate how well you will serve as staff on our server. If you are accepted into the ranks of staff, we will alert you in-game and then train you before promoting you. These questions will evaluate your knowledge of our server, our server's website, and how well you handle certain situations.
What is you In Game Name? (IGN)? *
This is the name that shows up when you log into
What server are you applying to be staff on? *
What position are you applying for? *
Note that you may not get this exact position.
List the last 3 servers you have been staff on, their ip address, and your position.
This is NOT required
Describe what you would do if you saw a player breaking a rule. *
What would you do if a player destroyed another players city? *
The city was not protected by world guard
What would you do if you saw a player Xray-hacking? *
Are exploited glitches illegal? *
EX: mob farms, a one way door, an iron golem farm using pumpkins and pistons.
What makes you feel you can handle this position? *
Add anything you feel necessary for staff to know about you here.
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