NPFB Referral Form. Please read all the operational information. Please note vouchers or codes for cash are sent on Wednesdays and Fridays.
The North Paddington foodbank has temporarily changed its service. Customers referred will be issued cash amounts via a text message which can be withdrawn from selected local cash points. We will be offering £25 per week for a one person household, £30 per week for a 2 person household, £45 for a 3 person household and £60 per week for larger households. This is the operational plan for a trial period. Please note, NPFB cannot provide long term support. If the request is urgent, please email

If you do not think this is appropriate for individuals you are supporting, you may wish to signpost them to The Westbourne Park Food Pantry where subscribers can access about £20 of food for a £5 fee or another foodbank. A comprehensive list of local foodbanks can be found here We are also working closely with The Granville Community Kitchen.

Please note we can only accept referrals from South Westminster who are served by Westminster Chapel Foodbank or RBKC in exceptional circumstances. Details of Westminster Connects Shopping Service who will provide a volunteer to collect items from Westminster Chapel Foodbank can be found below.

For customers who are housebound, the foodbank will be offering the same financial assistance and we recommend supporting them to access food by ordering online or using the following:

Morrisons Doorstep Delivery Service
Call 0345 611 6111, to place an order choose option 5

Co-op shopping service
Call 0800 029 4592 between 9am and 8pm

Westminster Connects Shopping Service for volunteer shoppers

If you have any questions please email Thank you.

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From the week commencing 15/11/21 the foodbank will be able to issue codes for cash withdrawals by text or supermarket vouchers instead of food. We can offer a printed supermarket voucher for collection from our office in exceptional circumstances. If an individual or their carer cannot go to the shops, please see the operational information above about services for housebound individuals. *
N/A for registered referrers: The NPFB can provide up to 6 payments. Thereafter we can only accept referrals from a registered referrer or allocated support worker. Does this person consent to NPFB contacting them to help find an appropriate registered referrer? (N.B a registered referrer is any agency registered with us which offers ongoing and comprehensive support to clients. GPs are not classed as registered referrers). *
Name of Referrer *
Email of Referrer *
Phone number of Referrer *
How many weeks would you like to refer this household for? *
Individuals may be referred for up to 6 weeks. They will receive this payment as a lump sum. We trust members of the community to use this money appropriately. We trust that they will not duplicate their support and attempt to gain access to multiple food banks. We will not issue further funds to households who request them before the referral period is complete. This is non negotiable. By answering this question, you are confirming that you have made this clear to the customer.
Is this an emergency request? I.e. will this person run out of food in less than 48 hours?
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Name of customer *
Customer's post code *
Customer's address *
Mobile Phone Number *
Email Address
The foodbank will not share email addresses or phone numbers unless required by law or for safeguarding reasons
Number of Adults in the household *
Number of children under 18 in the household *
Ages of children in the household
What is the main reason this household is experiencing hardship? Please check all appropriate boxesThis will help NPFB signpost customers and refer them to other support services where appropriate *
This will help NPFB signpost customers and refer them to other support services where appropriate.
Has this person received any of the following *
This will help NPFB signpost customers and refer them to other support services where appropriate.
Does this person need to communicate in a language other than English? *
Is this person likely to have their gas or electric cut off? Only answer ''yes" if the person has a pre-payment meter.
The food bank will contact customers who are at risk of having no fuel to discuss help that can be offered. If the customer does not wish to discuss this wit h the foodbank, answer 'no'
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Would this person be prepared to take part in research for the purposes of improving the food bank service? This will not affect eligibility or use of the service. *
They will be contacted by phone by NPFB staff. They may ask for their names not to be used and this WILL NOT affect their service.
Privacy notice
By ticking the box below you

(a) consent to having your information used and kept for the purposes of providing food bank services and
(b) confirm the following with respect to the customer:

We will collect personal information which may include your name and contact details,
including postal address, telephone number, email address and social media contact information.

We may use this information to be able to signpost you to the most appropriate place to answer your enquiry. We may need to request further personal
information depending on the nature of your enquiry.

From time to time, we may collate and analyse anonymised data from letters, phone calls and emails so that we can improve the
services we provide. We have a legitimate interest in holding this anonymised information in order to be able to monitor and improve our services.

Information gathered is accessed by NPFB employees and may be shared with advice agencies or
professional services only if appropriate, for example if your email or phone call relates to safeguarding
and we seek guidance as to next steps.

Data Retention:

“We may keep your information, copies of emails and phone calls for up to 2 years after your last interaction with us. This may vary depending on regulatory or legal requirements.”
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