The Climakers - Farmers' Survey
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Q1. What is the agricultural sector you operate in? Specify the numbers of square meters for each sector in the comment box below *
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Q2. Do you own the land you farm? *
If No/ Other, please provide details (lease, etc.)
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Q3. If answer to Q2 is "Yes", is the land you own in the name of both spouses?
Q4. Is your farm a family farm (is the family managing the farm)? *
Q5. Number of employees (specify also the number of family members working in the farm, if any) *
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Q6. Have you noticed any effects from changes in weather patterns in the last 10 years? *
Q7. If answer to Q6 is "Yes", which one/s of the following?
You can select more than one and list them according to priority on a scale from 1"Low Priority" to 5 "High Priority"
Increase of extreme rainfalls
Changing in the raining season (later)
Changing in the raining season (earlier)
Increase of droughts
Increase of extreme weather events
Changing in temperatures (increase)
Changing in the planting times (later)
Changing in temperatures (decrease)
Changing in the planting times (earlier)
Changing in the growing seasons (shorter)
Changing in the growing seasons (longer)
Sea level rise
Higher sea/ water temperatures
Presence of new animal/ plant species
Increase of diseases and pests
Increase in wildfire risks
Other/ comments? Please specify
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Q8. Which strategies do you use to adapt your farm to the changes in weather from year to year? (Briefly list and explain 3, maximum) *
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Please explain why/how *
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Q9. Do you wish to receive extension services that assist you in dealing with climate changes? *
Q10. Do you have access to weather information? *
Q11. Do you have access to climate change information? *
Q12. Do you receive extension services that assist you to deal with the changes? *
Q13. If answer to Q12 is "Yes", which is the tool you use the most?
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Q14. Do you have the ability to access an insurance policy? *
If yes, please explain why. If no, explain why. If you had the possibility to access an insurance scheme, would you do it? *
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Q15. Have you changed your fertilizer use depending on climate change related stress? *
Q16. Have you recently completed a soil analysis test? *
Q17. Do you adapt your fertilizer use to the “4R”s, including the 4Rs: using the right product, at the right rate, in the right time, in the right place? *
If no, what prevents you from adopting these strategies?
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Q18. Which are the barriers for you to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices? *
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Q19. Does legislation in your country support you in the implementation of climate smart agricultural practices? *
If you wish, please explain why and how:
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Q20. Are you aware of any national program implemented in your country to support climate smart practices to strengthen farmers’ resilience to climate change and disasters? *
Q21. If answer to Q20 is "Yes", are you part of the program/s?
If answer is "Yes", please describe the program/s
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If answer is "No", please explain why you are not part of the program/s
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Q22. Which is the focus of the program? *
You can select multiple options
Q23. If you replied “yes” to Q21, which are the main expected results for you to be involved in such a program?
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If you wish, please share more information
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Q24. What are the most significant impacts that climate change has on your daily activity as a farmer? *
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Q25. As a farmer, please explain what your main challenges (related to climate change) are and what you would need to properly address them *
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Q26. What should your farmers’ organization do in order to help you tackle the climate change challenge? *
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Q27. What should your government do to support you in tackling mitigation and adaptation to climate change? *
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Q28. Can you share at least 5 pictures of the farm, illustrating in the best possible way what you have undertaken to cope with this challenge? *
If yes, please send them via email to:, indicating your name and surname
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